Advaana Inc and Advertising Agency1: A Case Study on White Label Services (Analytics Support and GA4 Implementation)


A well-established advertising agency, with a broad portfolio of clients, was seeking to improve its capacity to manage ad-hoc requests and implement Google Analytics 4 (GA4) effectively. While the agency had a competent in-house team, the expanding volume and complexity of requests strained their resources, and the team also struggled with GA4's advanced features.

Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) provide crucial tools for advertising agencies to optimize their marketing efforts. GA4 offers a comprehensive view of user interactions, event based data tracking, and cross-platform tracking, empowering agencies with valuable insights to refine their marketing strategies.

GTM simplifies and streamlines the process of managing and deploying tracking codes without modifying site code, enabling agencies to efficiently implement, test, and adjust tracking features. Furthermore, GTM aids in managing user consent for data collection in compliance with privacy regulations. Together, these tools deliver granular, actionable data and efficient tracking management, crucial for enhancing user experience and marketing performance.

The Challenge faced by the Agency

The advertising agency faced two primary challenges. First, the agency needed additional resources to manage an increasing number of ad-hoc requests for data analysis and reporting. Second, the in-house team lacked the expertise needed to implement GA4 effectively and provide meaningful insights for their clients.

Solution offered by Advaana Inc

Advaana Inc partnered with the advertising agency and provided a dedicated digital analytics resource to work alongside the in-house team. The expert from Advaana was experienced in handling ad-hoc requests and was proficient in GA4 implementation. The Advaana resource worked in the USA EST time zone and used the agency's email and project management tools to ensure seamless integration with the in house team. The expert provided immediate assistance to the in-house team with ad-hoc requests, ensuring prompt and accurate responses to the agency's clients.

For the GA4 implementation, the Advaana expert first conducted an audit of the agency's clients' websites. Based on the audit's findings, the expert implemented GA4, ensuring that all the crucial sections of the websites were tagged accurately to track user actions. The expert also provided training to the in-house team to better understand GA4 and use it effectively.


The partnership with Advaana brought about significant benefits for the advertising agency:
Improved Efficiency

With the support of the Advaana expert, the agency could handle a higher volume of ad-hoc requests more efficiently.

Effective GA4 Implementation

The expert's proficiency in GA4 ensured that the tool was set up correctly and provided valuable insights for the agency's clients.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction:

The agency was able to provide prompt and accurate responses to their clients' requests, leading to increased client satisfaction and retention.

Upskilled In-House Team

The training provided by the Advaana expert enabled the in-house team to effectively use GA4, improving their skillset and confidence in managing the tool.