Helping NRG Excel in Digital Experience with Adobe Expertise


NRG, a forward-thinking company, aimed to elevate their digital experience for their customers. However, they recognized the complexities associated with Adobe's suite of products, such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, and especially Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). NRG required both holistic solutions and specialized consultants to navigate these platforms efficiently.


  1. NRG's in-house team was facing challenges integrating Adobe Launch with their existing digital platforms, which limited their capability to deploy marketing campaigns quickly.

  2. They lacked experienced AEM developers, hindering their potential to create and manage personalized digital content seamlessly.

  3. Their digital analytics lacked fine-tuned insights due to the absence of expertise in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

The Solution

Our Approach

Adobe Launch Integration:

  • We provided NRG with our top consultants skilled in Adobe Launch. Our team worked collaboratively with NRG's in-house teams, ensuring a seamless integration of Adobe Launch with NRG's digital platforms.

  • This enabled NRG to deploy and manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently, with reduced time-to-market.

Supplying Expert AEM Developers:

  • Recognizing the rarity of skilled AEM developers in the market, we onboarded two of our best AEM developers to NRG's team.

  • These developers played a pivotal role in developing, managing, and optimizing digital content on the Adobe Experience Manager platform for NRG. Their work ensured that NRG's digital experience was top-tier and personalized for their audience.

Holistic Adobe Solutions:

  • Our expert consultants in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target collaborated with NRG to refine their digital analytics strategy.

  • By implementing custom tracking solutions and personalization tactics, NRG's digital insights became more precise, aiding in more informed decision-making.


  1. Enhanced Digital Experience: With the expertise of our AEM developers, NRG saw a 40% increase in user engagement on their platform, resulting in improved customer retention.

  2. Efficient Campaign Management: The integration of Adobe Launch empowered NRG's marketing team, reducing their campaign deployment time by 60%.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: With refined analytics and targeting strategies, NRG witnessed a 25% increase in conversion rates for their digital campaigns.


By partnering with us, NRG not only leveraged top-notch Adobe solutions but also tapped into a pool of expert consultants who were instrumental in transforming their digital landscape. Our dedicated approach and expert resources ensured that NRG excelled in their quest for digital supremacy.